The development history of JUKI Pick and Place Machine
May 25, 2021
Founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan, JUKI entered the field of mount equipment in 1987 and enjoys a high reputation in SMT surface mount equipment industry!
In the SMT electronics manufacturing industry familiar with JUKI SMT friends, may contact the earliest model should be 750/760?
In fact, JUKI mount equipment in 1987 into the field of electronics, has developed a small universal mount machine KP series, KP-350, KP-560, KP-620;
In 1993, the KE-710/720 series (mechanical positioning) was launched;
In 1995, the KE-730/740 series (laser positioning) was launched;
In 1997, the launch of KE-750/760 series mount machine, that year as the best model, one fell stroke created more than 4000 sales records, shocked the mount machine industry;
In 2000, KE-2000 series was launched.It was once known as the king of medium speed pick and place machine in the industry;
In 2010, the FX series was launched;
In 2013, the RX series was launched;
In 2017, the high-speed pick and place machine RS-1 was launched.
JUKI SMT machine roughly classic models are as follows:
FX-1 FX-3 FX-3R KE-750 KE-760 KE-2010 KE-2020 KE-2030 KE-2060 KE-2070 KE-2080 RX-6 RX-7 FX-3RL FX-2 KE-3010KE-3020 JX-100 JX-200 JX-300LED JX-350LED RS-1 RS-1R RX-7R JM-10 JM-20 JM-100