PCB Thimble

  • SMT Thimble Stainless Steel PIN for JUKI Machines

    needle diameter: 4mm
    length: 90mm
    base high: 10mm
    base diameter: 18mm
    adjustable height: 10mm
  • EKRA Thimble Stainless Steel PIN for EKRA Pick and Place Machine

    needle diameter: 3mm
    length: 86mm
    base high: 61mm
    base diameter: 15mm
  • Position pin for semi-automatic printing machine PCB position pin

    1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0MM
  • Desen PIN SMT Thimble for Desen Printer

    crew cut PIN
    small point PIN
    big point PIN
  • Yamaha YV YS PIN Thimble for Yamaha YV YS Pick And Place Machine

    YV model
    YS model
  • DEK Printer Thimble PCB PIN

    cylindrical with needle
  • MPM UP2000 Printer Thimble PCB PIN

    total height 156mm
    base height 18mm
  • Samsung SM / CP45 PCB Thimble

    Total length 132mm
    needle length 16mm
  • Panasonic PCB Thimble for Panasonic Pick And Place Machine

    Total height 50mm
    base length 25mm
    width 20mm
  • Samsung CP60 PCB Thimble

    otal height 90mm
    base length 20mm