Yamaha Pick And Place Machine

New and used yamaha mounters, yamaha YG100 YV100 YV100X YV100XG YV100II YS12 YS24 YSM20 YSM40 pick and place machines.
  • Yamaha YG100 Chip Mounter SMT Pick and Place Machine

    Patch speed: 24,000 CPH
    Feeder position: 100
    Weight: 1,630kg
  • Yamaha YG200 Chip Mounter SMT Used Pick And Place Machine

    Patch speed 45,000CPH
    PCB: L330×W250mm
    Weight approx. 2080kg
    Dimension: L1,950×W1, 408 ×H1, 450mm
  • Yamaha YS12 Mounter SMT YS12F YS12P Cheap Pick And Place Machine

    Applicable components: 0402 to 45x100mm
    Mounting tact: 20,000CPH
    Weight Approx. 1,370kg
    dimension: L1,254 x W1,755 x H1,475mm
  • Yamaha YS24 SMT Mounter High Speed Placement Machine

    Speed 72,000CPH
    Applicable components 0402 to 32x32mm
    Component Types: 120
    Weight Approx. 1,700kg
  • Yamaha YSM10 Chip Mounter SMT Pick And Place Machine

    Speed: 46,000 CPH
    Applicable Components:03015- W 55mm x L 100mm
    Dimension:L 1,254 x W 1,440 x H 1,445 mm
  • Yamaha YSM20 Chip Mounter SMT YSM20R YSM20W Pick And Place Machine

    Speed: 80,000 CPH
    Applicable Components: 0201 to 45×45 mm
    Size:L 1,374 x W 2,110 x H1,445mm
  • Yamaha YSM40 Chip Mounter SMT Pick And Place Machine

    Achieves revolutionary productivity of 200,000 CPH* giving it the world’s fastest speed on a compact platform.
  • YAMAHA YV100X SMT Mouter Cheapest Pick and Place Machine

    speed 18000CPH
    PCB size: L460 x W445mm
    Dimension: L1,655XW1,408XH1,850mm
  • Yamaha YV100II Chip Mounter SMT Used Pick and Place Machine

    Patch speed 12000
    Substrate size: L600 * W400
    weight 1300kg
    Dimension: l1650 * w1350 * h1810
  • Yamaha YV100XG Chip Mounter Automatic Used Pick and Place Machine

    Mounting Speed:16200CPH
    Board size M type: L460*W335
    Total weight 1600KG
    Dimensions 1650*1408*1900
  • Yamaha S10 Mounter Low Cost Pick and Place Machine

    Speed: 45,000 CPH
    Applicable PCB: L1,330 x W510mm
    Dimension: L1250xD1750xH1420mm
  • Yamaha M20 Chip Mounter Pick And Place Machine SMT

    Speed:30,000 CPH
    Applicable PCB: L1,480 x W510mm
  • Yamaha Chip Mounter YRM20 Yamaha SMT Pick and Place Machines

    0201 to W12 x L12mm, Height 6.5mm or less
    Approx. 2,250kg