FUJI Pick And Place Machine

New and used FUJI chip mounters, FUJI CP6 / M3 / M6 / NXT I / NXT II / NXT III / AIMEX pick and place machines.
  • FUJI NXT III Pick and Place Machine SMT NXT 3 Chip Mounter

    Patch speed: 22,500CPH
    H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5x7.5mm
    weight: 1,350kg
  • FUJI NXT 2 Pick and Place Machine Used NXT II Chip Mounter

    H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5mm x 7.5mm
    H04: 6,000 cph
    2MII Base:740 (L) x 1934 (W)
    PCB: 510mm x 534mm
  • Fuji NXT I Pick and Place Machine SMT NXT1 Chip Mounter

    Speed: 22500CPH
    Patch range: H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5x7.5mm
    Machine weight: 1,350kgMM
    Dimensions: 2M II Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W)
  • FUJI XPF-L SMT Pick And Place Machine SMT XPF Chip Mounter

    0.144 sec / component 25,000 cph
  • Cheap Used FUJI CP842 Pick And Place Machine SMT Mounter

    SMT FUJI CP842E Chip Mounter.
  • Used FUJI CP743 pick and place machine SMT Fuji Chip Mounter

    Cheapest Used FUJI CP743 Chip Mounter Machine.