Splicing Tools

  • SMT Splicing Tool splicer pliers cutting tool

    Designed specifically for SMD carrier tapes from 8mm to 44mm
    Colors available: yellow and red
  • SMT production line machine smt splice cart

    It can ensure no fault pressing of 500 thousand times.
  • SMT Splicing Pliers for 8 mm strip

    SMT sawtooth position of scissors This scissors with a positioning mould for 8 mm strip
  • SMT Splicing Clamp Pliers

    1. wasting zero components.
    2. not damage the cutter blade.
    3. Accurately cut all kinds of carrier tape.
  • SMT cutting tools/smt splice tool for smt carrier tape

    Durable / stainless steel construction
  • SMT Splicing Clamp Pliers

    Features: easy to operate, cutting precision, durable
  • Splicing Pliers For SMT Patch Element Material Belt Connection

    1.Height adjustable;
    2.Moving conveniently;
    3.Turning splice pincers all-wave.