SMT Label Feeder

SMT Label Feeder include Yamaha, Samsung, FUJI, JUKI, Panasonic and so on. The Feeders are made in china, the price is low and the quality is good.
  • YAMAHA Label Feeder for YV100X YV100II YV100A YV100XG YG100 YG200 YS12 YS24 Machines

    Label Size 2mm to customized one (Width) Label Thickness 0.05mm to 1mm
  • JUKI Label Feeder for KE750 KE2050 KE2060 KE2070 KE2080 FX-1 FX-2 FX-3 Machines

    JUKI label feeder : 50mm, 85mm and 100mm
  • Samsung Label Feeder for Samsung Pick and Place Machine

    Label Size 2mm to customized one (Width)
  • FUJI Label Feeder for FUJI XP142 XP143 XP243 NXT2 NXT3 XPF pick and place machines

    Not only pastes labels(2D Code ,Barcode, serial number for traceability of the PCB) but also gaskets, double-faced tape, shields
  • Panasonic Lable Feeder for BM231 BM221 BM133 BM123 CM402 CM602 NPM AM Series Machine

    Automatically places labels using existing pick-and-place machine, Labels are simply treated like any other component.
  • Standard Label Feeder for FUJI, YAMAHA, SAMSUNG, JUKI, PANASONIC Machines

    Support multiple row,single max 70×35mm, min 2.5×2.5mm

    Support multiple row,single max 70×45mm, min 2.5×2.5mm
  • Retractable Label Feeder for Wider Labels

    Applicable Package: single max 130×50mm, min 10×3mm Suitable: Label,Phone accessories,Tape around the battery
  • Upgrade Label Feeder with Gear Wheel

    Applicable Package: label width < 60mm or <100mm Suitabl: Label,Sheet steel,Foam
  • Non-standard Customized Label Feeder Series

    can provide manufacturers with a complete set of non-standard customized solutions.