History of development of FUJI pick and place machine
May 25, 2021
What are the brands of SMT SMT machine?

SMT High Speed Pick and Place Machine:
ASM (acquired Siplace in 2011), Panasonic, FUJI;

SMT Medium Speed Pick And Place Machine:
Yamaha Mounting Machine (Yamaha has three product lines: Yamaha Pick And Place Machine, Hitachi Pick And Place Machine, i-Plues Pick And Place Machine), JUKI Pick And Place Machine (acquisition of SONY Pick And Place Machine), Hanwha Pick And Place Machine (acquisition of Samsung Pick And Place Machine), etc.

With the development of SMT electronic components to miniaturization, chip integration, more and more high, notebooks, 5G smartphones and medical equipment, automotive electronics, military and aerospace products, the product of the grid array of BGA, CSP, such as device used more and more, the requirement of high precision SMT placement machine and the challenge is becoming more and more high.

It originated from the Airplane Research Institute founded in 1917, and was formally established as the present Fuji Heavy Industry Corporation in 1953 after many changes.After that, it started with the Subaru360, which was released in 1958, and centered on the automobile manufacturing under the Subaru brand. Subaru is a branch of Fuji Heavy Industry Corporation (FHI) specialized in automobile manufacturing. Established in 1953, Subaru mainly produced automobiles, as well as aircraft and various engines.Development to aerospace, industrial machinery and other fields.

Fuji SMT Machine Company was born in 1959 as a CNC machine tool manufacturer.At the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of "FS type single function machine".Then, in 1978, the Automatic Plug-in Machine for Electronic Components was introduced.This product for the company to open the SMT machine market to create business opportunities.Then, in 1981, the company introduced the "CP" series of electronic component auto-mount machines and realized the first surface mount on the circuit board.

· Completed the first automatic assembly machine in June 1971

· Completed the first electronic component automatic insertion machine (BA)

· Completed the first electronic component automatic SMT machine (CP-Ⅰ)

· Completed the industry's first high-speed mount machine with image processing function (CP-Ⅱ)
With the "CP" series as the starting point, FUJI established the FUJI brand globally.

· Completed ultra-high speed (0.09 seconds/piece) mount machine (CP6)

· Completed the compact high-speed multi-function SMT XP

· Completed the first modular high-speed multifunctional SMT (NXT)

In 2003, the company took the lead in the industry in the launch of "NXT" series modular high-speed multi-functional SMT machine.
This series of SMT machine is not only compact in structure, but also excellent in performance.As a leading company in the field of electronic component mounting robots, Fuji has in the past provided customers with the highest quality products in the industry.

· Completed the first rotating spindle type mount machine (CP-8)
· Completed the first compact mount machine XP-143E and XP-243E
· Completed the first all-in-one mount machine (AIM) In August
December · Completed high-precision solder paste printing press (GPX)
· Completed high speed compound mount machine (XPF)

April 2008 · Completed module type high-speed multi-function mount machine (NXT II) October 2010 · Completed extended all-in-one mount machine (AIMEX)
· Completed NXT IIC module type high-speed multifunctional SMT machine
· Completed small screen printing machine (NXTP)

· Completed modular general automatic assembly machine (SFAB) in March 2011
· Completed the extended all-in-one mount machine (AIMEX ⅡS)
· Completed the extended all-in-one mount machine AIMEXⅡ
· Completed module type high-speed multifunctional SMT NXTⅢ

· Completed the solder paste printing machine GPX-C in July 2015
· Completed the NXT-H mixing mount machine
August · Completed NXT IIIC, a modular multi-functional SMT machine
· Completed the extended all-in-one mount machine AIMEX IIIC
December · Completed the extended all-in-one mount machine AIMEX Ⅲ
· Modular general automatic assembly processing machine SFAB-D

· The new solder paste printing press GPX-CS was completed in May 2017
· Mixed mount machine NXT-HW was completed in September 2017