Development history of the Yamaha Pick And Place Machine
May 25, 2021 Yamaha IM (intelligent machinery) division successfully develops the "pick and place machine" and begins to sell in Japan
1987: YM4600S, YM6000S, YM6000T in Japan "NEPCON Japan" exhibition, YM1000D on sale
Yamaha SMT OEM "Philips" begins to be sold overseas
The "visual alignment" technology, the YM3000V, goes on sale
The "Hyper" series - YM66s, YM84s, and YM100VP goes on sale
The "full visual recognition mode" device, the YV112, goes on sale
1994: YVL80 goes on sale
1995: YV120 goes on sale
1995: YV112II goes on sale
1995: YV100, YVL88, YV86D, YV100D began to sell
1997: "Full Visual Identification Mode" devices -YV100II, YVL88II, YV64, YV112III and YV64D go on sale
1997: Accumulated production of 5,000 Yamaha surface mount devices
1999: "Modular high-speed machines" -YV100X, YV88X, YV100XT and HSDX go on sale
Yamaha IM acquired Tenyru (Japan), a famous SMT manufacturer in Japan, and established a new company, I Pulse,Japan
The "modular high speed press" -YV180X and "precision high speed press" - YVP goes on sale
2001:10,000 units of surface mount equipment produced
2001: "Modular high-speed machine" YV100XG, YV88XG, YV100XTG, YV180XG and HSDXG are on sale
"Modular minicomputer" -- THREE M "YT16" and "lead-free precision high speed press" -- yvp-xg are on sale
2003: Hybrid Placer Semi and SMT Hybrid mount device -Cube is on sale
2004: YG200, a "modular superfast machine", goes on sale
2004: "modular ultra-high speed dispensing machine" -YGD began to sell
2005: YG100, a "modular high-speed machine", goes on sale
2005: "Modular AOI" -YGI goes on sale
2005: "modular ultra-high precision multifunctional machine" - YG88 began to sell
2007: YG300, a "modular ultra-high speed pick and place machine ", goes on sale
2008: YG12, a "modular high speed pick and place machine", goes on sale
2009: "Modular high-precision multifunctional machine" - YG12F began to sell
"Modular Ultra High Speed Mounting Machine" - YS24 & YS24X goes on sale
2012: "High Density Module Mounting Machine" - YSM40 brand new launch
2013: "High speed dispensing machine" - YSD launched
2014: "High Performance Small Printing Press" - YCP10 and "High Efficiency Module Mounting Machine" - Z:LEX new launch
2015: Ultra-high speed pick and place machine YSM40 was launched
2016: The world's fastest unit area YSM40R is released
In 2017: YSM10,YSM20R officially went on sale.