PCB Magazine Loader Machine for SMT Production Line

Demensions:500 x 800 x 1160mm
PCB size: 50x50 - 400x350mm
Brand Name: QOSMT
Condition: New

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Main functions and Parameter
Model# Automatic PCB Loader
Name Description
Automatic Loader Dimensions: 1450(L)×680(W)×1650(H)mm
Special Aluminum alloy guide rails and rubber belt
3 Magazine lifting with screw rod by 90WSPG electric-brake motor
4 Pneumatic PCB clamping structure
5 Magazine dimensions: 300(W)×340(L)×570(H)mm
6 PCB size: 60(W)×60(L)mm--250(W)×300(L)mm
7 Direction: L-R/ R-L
8 Adjustable Lifting distance:10,20,30,40 and 50mm
9 Programmable Siemens PLC and controller
10 PCB Automatic loading to conveyor
11 Touch Panel controlled interface/Buttons interface
12 Working power 0.25KW
13 Power Source: 220v 50HZ
14 Air Source: 4-6MPa

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